Dany Attal

The arts have
always attracted me...

Danielle Attal has always been attracted by the arts in general, drawing and music more specifically.
Danielle Attal became a professional camerawoman in France, during 17 years after studying at the renowned « École Louis Lumière » from Paris.

It’s in the 90’s that colouring B&W photographs with photographic pigments became important in her research to develop or explore different photographic techniques. 

 Since then, Danielle Attal exhibited many times at different places, such as Paris, New York, Toulouse and Montreal.

Welcome to my website

All of the photographs you see on this website are made on real photographic paper, which guaranties the quality of the picture you will buy, besides the fact that each photograph is coloured individually, which makes it so unique.

The photographs shown on this website are just a few of the thousands of negatives Dany has taken over the years. She regularly update and add new images.