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About | Dany Attal Professional Photographer Dany Attal | Photographer

meselfBorn in Tunis, Tunisia, Danielle Attal has always been attracted by the arts in general, drawing and music more specifically.

Photographer and hand-coloured photographer

Her father who already was fond of photography, bought his first 8mm-movie-camera in the 60’s. This may have a connection with the fact that Danielle Attal became a professional camerawoman in France, during 17 years after studying at the renowned  »École Louis Lumière » from Paris. Danielle Attal has also worked with Cédric Klapish, in his early years and on the famous Leos Karax’s feature film,  »Les Amants du Pont Neuf ».
Before that, the encounter with the Parisian photographer of the French Rock magazine Rock&Folk, Alain Dister, photographer for the Jimi Hendrix’s LP,  »Electric Lady Land », opened her eyes and way to look at lights and shadows; especially when she started to travel in Europe and North America.
It’s in the 90’s that colouring B&W photographs with photographic pigments became important in her research to develop or explore different photographic techniques. Colorizing, colorization or color development was a very popular technic in the early 20th century. It allowed people to enjoy photography through the imaginary of photographers who developped an art form, since photography was exclusively in B&W.
Since then, Danielle Attal exhibited many times at different places, such as Paris, New York, Toulouse and Montreal.
Her last works are made of collages and montages of B&W photographs, colorized with pigments or oil paint. She gives much attention to framing.
All of the photographs you see on this Web site are made on real photographic paper, which guaranties the quality of the picture you will buy, besides the fact that each photograph is coloured individually, which makes it so unique.
The photographs shown on this Website are just a few of the thousands of negatives she has taken over the years. She regularly update and add new images.
Danielle Attal has been working for several years now as a technician for archive documents in Québec, Canada, working on microfilms then on digital images in order to  preserve them at the best quality.

The Cat in The Bag

One of her other passion is leather craft, from rethought pieces of suede or leather skins. Each handbag is unique and uses what we generally call recycled items. She’s inspired by any pieces of leather that is still in your closet but that you may not dare to wear anymore. She would make a nice handbag and other things you like, out of it: don’t hesitate to suggest or ask about what you would like to see from this garment you still like.